Keeping everything moving, from small Jiffy bags to large suitcases

Driven only by gravity and using zero energy, Safeglide® spiral chutes are the most economical, efficient and low maintenance way to safely convey assorted items from one level down to another, at controlled and constant speeds.

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Many different applications

The application range of Safeglide® chutes is vast, ranging from a simple solution to convey goods down from a mezzanine floor to ground floor level, to multiple chutes being integrated into large-scale, multi-tier sortation systems.

Items large and small

Safeglide® spiral chutes have been designed to handle almost anything, including plastic tote boxes, cardboard cartons, airport baggage, polythene bags, newspaper bundles and sacks or a mix of products on the same chute, all at a controlled speed of descent.

A range of options designed to integrate with any system

With eight different Safeglide® profiles, ranging from 300mm to 1500mm radius, which can be configured to interface with almost any roller, belt or slatted conveyor type sortation system, there is almost always a solution to fit.

Safeglide® Specifier’s Guide

Our engineering team uses state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) modelling to produce 3D assemblies and 2D drawings of each chute design. The 2D drawings can be exported in formats compatible with AutoCAD programs, whilst the 3D assembly models can be exported in STEP, IGES and Wavefront formats.

For full technical details of the complete range, please download a copy of the Safeglide® Specifier’s Guide below.

Safeglide® installations

Safeglide® chutes have been working successfully in a wide variety of industries and applications for over 35 years, including:

  • Warehouses and distribution systems
  • Factories/Industrial materials handling
  • Packaged foods/Pharmaceutical products
  • Mail/Parcel sorting and handling centres
  • Airport baggage handling
  • In-store retail applications