Chute Profiles

There are a wide variety of profiles within the Safeglide™ range, each profile has specific geometric properties to suit different types of material, uses and space contraints. In addition to this, each profile is available in left hand and right hand orientations providing more flexibility when arranging a sortation system.

The Safeglide™ profiles have a set of standard configurations (see images below), but this is not set in stone and special configurations can also be developed.

Left hand 360°

Left Hand 360°

Left hand 270°

Left Hand 270°

Left hand 180°

Left Hand 180°

Left hand 90°

Left Hand 90°

Right hand 360°

Right Hand 360°

Right hand 270°

Right Hand 270°

Right hand 180°

Right Hand 180°

Right hand 90°

Right Hand 90°

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