Multiple stack Safeglides™

Safeglide™ 700 Radius 1040 Pitch

This is a good example of a Safeglide Chute that allows order picking from multiple floor levels.

Effectively there are three separate chutes, one on top of the other, joined by intermediate tables. This allows the picker to start at the top floor with a number of tote bins, all designated for different customers. Items can be selected from the top floor and placed in the appropriate bins before the batch of bins are sent down the chute to exit onto the table situated on the floor below. Any bins requiring items from this floor can be removed from the chute and filled accordingly before being returned to the chute and conveyed down to the next level. Any that do not require items from this level can be manually slid across the table and straight into the next element of the chute. This procedure will then be repeated on the next floor whereby all the totes will finish at the ground floor table.

This system could serve any number of storage floors.
Safeglide™ 700 Radius 1040 Pitch

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