Two tier shoe sorter system

Safeglide™ 1500 Radius 1900 Pitch

These chutes form a major part of a two tier "Sliding Shoe" sorter system. As parcels leave the sorter they are transferred onto a skate-wheel conveyor, which transports them round a bend presenting a straight-line entry to the chute infeeds.

From the upper tier the parcels descend through 360° of spiral whilst from the lower tier they travel straight through, before transferring onto a gravity roller conveyor. Following this is a straight chute (the top of one is just visible in the bottom left corner of the picture) and this feeds onto a boom conveyor taking the parcels directly to the delivery vehicle.

The chutes centre posts are mounted on a high level beam, leaving clear open working space underneath.
Safeglide™ 1500 Radius 1900 Pitch

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