Continuity infeeds from tilt tray

Safeglide™ 1500 Radius 1900 Pitch

These chutes are integrated with a twin "Tilt Tray" sorter system, whereby the sorters are running in opposing directions, parallel to each other, and at the same height.

Each chute is fed from both sorters, taking the parcels straight through to a belt conveyor from one side and via 180° spiral from the other side.

These particular chutes have been designed to eliminate any gaps along the row between the inputs, therefore avoiding any possibility of parcels missing the chutes and becoming stranded at high level. The infeed continuity provides a mouth width of 3800mm for each chute but even if a parcel were to miss this opening it would travel down the next chute, rather than end up in a safety net or on an infill plate as the case is with most similar systems.
Safeglide™ 1500 Radius 1900 Pitch

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