Hand picking from an exit table

Safeglide™ 1300 Radius 1600 Pitch

A good example of a basic Safeglide Chute used in the capacity for which the British Post Office originally designed it.

Although a tilt tray sorter is feeding this particular chute, it could also be adapted to interface with most types of sorters or conveyor systems or simply be fed by hand.

Terminating with a Safeglide table allows for direct hand picking, and this photograph is indicative of how the chute will "back up" and store parcels if they are not removed immediately. In most cases it is possible to allow the chute to "back up" to the top of the spiral and the parcels will slide down as and when others are removed from the table.

The Safeglide Chute profile was designed to control the speed of products travelling on the chute, however, the product is most likely to lose it’s original orientation and cannot normally be expected to exit the chute in the same direction to that which it was fed in. This photograph clearly illustrates the random orientation and distribution of parcels as they "back up" in the chute.
Safeglide™ 1300 Radius 1600 Pitch

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