Safeglide Material Handling Chutes

Safeglide™ Spiral Chute designs are based on profiles developed by the British Post Office and manufactured in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), by Broadwater Mouldings Ltd.

The Safeglide™ profile offers a chute, which will control the speed of descent of most items, as well as allowing, "self starting" of items that have been stored on the chute. It is possible to feed into the spiral at intermediate levels as well as from the top, allowing for items to enter the chute, from two or more floors or from more than one sorter.

Safeglide™ chutes can be used in a wide variety of applications including Airport Baggage Handling, Newspaper Industry, Postal Sortation Systems, Food Processing Plants and many more.

All chutes can be pre-assembled horizontally. This procedure involves marking out strategic datum's on the centre post before assembling all of the sections around it, checking the spiral orientation and heights before drilling through the GRP post flange into the steel centre post. All of the chute sections are then marked up to identify their position within the chute before it is disassembled and ultimately despatched in sections.

Overall this pre-assembly method ensures that any competent installation company can assemble Broadwater Mouldings Ltd chutes efficiently and accurately on site.

Safeglide™ is a registered trademark of Broadwater Mouldings Ltd in the UK.

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